Find out how much compliant your house is to Vastushastra

Check Now, owned and operated by freeDUM Ventures Private Limited, is portal which provides assistance in evaluation of vastu and Vastushastra advisory services.

freeDUM Ventures makes every effort in development and evaluation of properties based on principles of Vastushastra. However user should note the following: intents to provide just a relative score to each properties based on structural aspects of properties using various proven market research techniques. (Read about how vastu index is calculated.)

Vastu Index does not take into account various other parameters which are considered in traditional vastushastra, mainly according to us are considered operational in nature or can be modified without structural changes. Hence the score is not perfect representation, but only indicative.

Determination of directions and direction blocks is done through estimates and not rigorous measurements and quantitative analysis. Hence there could be variation in determination of Vastu Index. Vastu Index is thus an approximate score.

We keep on updating and improving our weights and parameter rankings. Hence Vastu index may vary for same parameters across versions.

Our website users and their clients should make their own decisions while using Vastu Index in their transactional decisions. or freeDUM Ventures or its associates are not responsible for any loss arising out of such decisions. Please read our detail terms and conditions of use of Vastu Index.