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Vastu Index is promoted by group of Vastushastra professionals with modern critical thinking. Vastushastra is compilation of traditional wisdom passed on from generations after generations. It is based on fundamental aspects including ventilation, natural light conditions, humidity and magnetic forces. But the same has been presented traditionally combining it with spirituality to make it easy to understand for normal people.

Conditions in which Vastushastra was developed are different from today's conditions. Those days people didn't use Air conditioners, use of electric fans and coolers were never heard of. Hence applicability and blind practice of Vastushastra should be critically questioned. With a critical approach towards traditional vastushastra, our professionals have been challenging traditional vastushastra experts and their recommendations.

Having said so, Vastu Index is a modern approach towards vastushastra. Our objective is to provide online tool for self evaluation of residential properties. We believe in continuous improvement, even if it means challenging our own belief.

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Our vastushastra professionals also offer vastushastra advisory services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Unlike other professionals who use fear as tool for promoting their services, we believe in being critical in our approach while recommending our clients. We believe in providing new dimension to our clients towards traditional vastushastra.

Our experts:

Mohan Chandak This commerce graduate first encountered vastushastra nearly two decades ago. He has spent these last years in researching and challenging traditional vastushastra. Today, post his retirement age, he still as part time work advises clients on vastushastra.

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