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For Developers

If you are a real estate developer, we wish to offer our following services for your benefits.

All developers have been trying to convince vastushastra compliance of their properties. But not all properties are vastushastra perfect. We offer advisory services to improving vastushastra compliance and improving Vastu Index of your properties.

Why not publish Vastu Index of properties in your marketing material and make properties more genuine and trustworthy on Vastushastra front? Vastu Index Certification can offer you help in further establishing this trust and stand out amongst other developers.

Contact us, if you are interested.


We offer API for real estate listing portals for calculation of Vastu Index for individual residential properties. Contact us for pricing and API details.

Portals can also provide feature to enable landlords include Vastu Index in their property description. Landlords can generate Vastu Index on our website free of cost.

Benefits of Vastu Index 

  1. Differentiate your portal in competitive online market
  2. Help vastushastra conscious customers filter properties
  3. Additional selling point for landlords
  4. Makes comparison of properties easier
  5. Reduces deal time for vastushastra conscious customers with online Vastu Index

Yes, we are not perfect; but who in this world is perfect? Interested in API? Provide us with your contact details, we shall get back to you real soon :)

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