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Vastushastra is considered in realm of pseudoscience. Traditional knowledge about development of vastu has passed on from generations after generations. Each generation had questioned existing knowledge and derived new understanding. Same is true with our generation.
Vastushastra has gained momentum in last few decades and many ‘experts’ have interpreted and used knowledge in different ways. Here we try to present vastushastra in our own understanding and present to you an online tool for self evaluation of vastu in simple way - VASTU INDEX.

Our experts have zeroed on structural aspects of vastu rather than operational aspects. For example the Vastu Index takes into consideration where your kitchen is present rather than which direction you face while making food. These parameters include location of key elements like entrance, livingroom, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, bedroom and openspaces within the vastu.

The foundation of Vastu Index rests on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) which is an established tool in decision making. We have transferred qualitative expert opinion using DELPHI technique into quantitative comparison in AHP matrix. Result is normalized matrix of parameter weights and each element alternative scores. Spread of these weighted scores is used to created and normalized on scale on 10.

Features of Vastu Index: