Find out how much compliant your house is to Vastushastra

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Step 1

Develop a near scale layout of your Vastu with all elements like main entrance, livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedrooms and windows/balconies/other open spaces. Some examples are listed below:

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Example 1 - Step 1

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Example 2 - Step 1


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Example 3 - Step 1

Step 2

Determine the direction. This is the crucial step in evaluating vastushastra. People often go wrong at this step. There are many ways to find approximate directions - this is the direction where sun rises (did you know sun moves north south along the horizon across seasons?) or you dish TV antenna points towards south east (some brand TV antenna actually point to Southwest depending on the satellite). However it is best to use magnetic compass for directions. Rather than holding compass in hand, its better to place on firm stable surface away from metallic objects like cupboards, etc. Magnetic compass needle will show you North and south directions; while other directions can be derived.

Step 3

Once you have found direction, now is the time to divide the Vastu in nine directional grids - the traditional Vastushastra way. For this, you may like to align your vastu such that North is pointing upwards on paper. After you align this, draw vertical and horizontal lines such that your vastu is fit in a square or rectangle. Divide this square or rectangle into 9 equal parts. Identify these 9 direction blocks based on their direction as Northeast, North, Northwest, East, West, Center, Southeast, South and Southwest.

Identify each element location. An element can be present in more than one direction blocks. There may be multiple elements. Since the method doesn't call for accurate measurement based approach, find best possible match for all elements. Avoid direction blocks which form very small part of element.

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Example 1 - Step 3

Example 1 - Parameters

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Example 2 - Step 3


Example 2 - Parameters

Example 2 is typical case of non aligned vastu - layout is not aligned along main directions. In such case, vastu is fit in block assuming standard vastu, as explained above. Please note calculation of open space in such case. In non aligned vastu, a open space generally points to intermediate direction. Say Northwest; in such case a open space is counted in each standard direction , or a window each in North and West.

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Example 3 - Step 3

Example 3 - Parameters